Data migration is a required business process that occurs regularly. Whether implementing a brand-new system or moving information to secure storage locations, having a successful data migration strategy that helps businesses is vital for executive and IT teams.
Small hospitals, clinics, and group practices are in late-stage implementations and even early-stage upgrades to their EHR system and availing the impact on efficiencies and the quality of care.
Businesses all over the planet are dodging the race with trending advanced tools and technologies to sustain in the market.
Once your business acquires annual revenue of 250,000 dollars, your information starts growing at a rate that could surprise you, and on account of that development, you might need to consider outsourcing IT.
As per the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council (SBE) and the year 2014 American census data, businesses that have less than 20 employees made up 89.4% of all U.S. businesses.
You might have heard that even a minute of downtime can result in the loss of millions of dollars for businesses. However, let us have a look at a few examples:



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