Helping in a Time of Need

A global pandemic that has shaken many businesses to its core. With small businesses suffering from a decrease in revenue, to doctors not being able to access the adequate items necessary to help the ill, this virus has changed our planet as we know it. However, Preeminent Technology has stood strong, and has even tried to uplift others in these trying times. 

PMTT was able to purchases surgical masks, and donated them to frontline workers, healthcare providers, private practices, funeral homes, and many more places in an attempt to help those affected by the outcomes of the pandemic. In an unprecedented time, Preeminent Technology has responded to ensure that essential workers across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex are safe and looked out for. Teaming up with the Texas Indo-Americans Physician Society, PMTT was able to ensure that doctors and healthcare providers were able to do their jobs with adequate tools. 

Not only has Preeminent Technology provided essential items, but the company has also worked with local practices to provide meals to doctors, trying to make their day a little better. Free Olive Garden meals were provided to doctors, nurses, and assistants to make sure they knew they were being appreciated. 

Even after the pandemic ends, Preeminent Technology will constantly do whatever it takes in order to support those in need. PMTT heavily thanks all those putting their lives on the line to support the safety and freedom of this nation, and hopes to continue supporting others in its future endeavors.



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